Monday, 28 July 2014


Welcome to my first #MotivationMonday !

The idea behind this is every Monday I want to share what people use to keep their diets going when they're struggling and also remind them why they started in the first place. The hope then is that not only will it keep them motivated but will also help motivate others.

Over on my Facebook group (search for Fat Girl Fit) I started taking submissions from the members of their motivation and I'm now opening it up to everyone!

It can be anything - a phrase, a picture, a person, a moment. Whatever it is that keeps you going. Please share it with us and I will post the winner here every Monday.

This weeks winner is Lara Boden with this song by 3oh3 - WARNING - the lyrics are parental advisory! But it was the chorus that spoke to me the most - 'I can do anything I want' - it's just what you need to be reminded of when you're struggling because it's true, we all can do whatever we want if we try.

So please keep your submissions coming! You can submit them via comments here, via Twitter @fatgirldietblog or by joining our Facebook group (Fat Girl Fit) and leaving a comment or sending me a message.

Best of luck! I can't wait to see what you all submit.

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