Monday, 4 August 2014

It's not as hard as it seems…

Diet Doledrums

AKA the dreaded plateau or those stubborn last few pounds. I've hit this point after 7 months and 3st (43lbs) with only 5lbs to go. And they won't!! I'll be the first to say I'm probably not trying hard enough but I was disappointed to get on the scales today and find I'd lost 0.4kg, which is admittedly around 1lb. The problems is I'm weighing myself in kg and haven't dropped into the next kg for around 3 weeks now as  I keep gaining and losing that single pound/half kilo at the moment. I'm going to try really hard this next week to go back to basics and reign everything in as I am so close to that goal I can almost touch it. My calorie tracker reckons I'll hit it in 2 weeks which is possible but we shall see!

Running, running and running, running and…

I keep steadily improving with my running. I managed to get within 4 seconds of my PB this Sunday and ran the whole 5k without stopping for only the second time ever. I was very proud of myself! I managed to do more exercise last week and I'm trying to focus more on toning exercise instead of more cardio.

I've been trying Pilates and can now give that update of the differences between Pilates and Yoga - honestly, not that much. They both involve using the body's own resistance and weight to tone and strengthen muscles but in different ways. Yoga focuses more on flexibility and strength in a gentle, spiritual way with lots of calming breathing, you'll break a sweat but not really realise you're doing so. Pilates is more intense and focuses more on strength in a more intense way so you really feel it working during the exercises and, in my case, the day after. I'm starting to prefer Pilates in a way as it does feel more like a workout, but I think it is just down to personal preference.

Operation: Rehydration, week 2

I'm now into the second week of Operation: Rehydration and I've managed to stick at it! At first I didn't really notice a difference and was feeling headachey and tired, but that seems to be clearing now. I did notice I had a bit more energy and was able to do more exercise than usual, which is never a bad thing! I've barely noticed the drinking more but I have definitely noticed the going to the loo more!! I've never in my life had to think about it so much and make sure I go before leaving the house! But its all in the name of good health and I hope it settles down eventually!!


The idea behind Motivation Monday was to see what motivates people, what makes someone want to change their lifestyle. Of course, I've heard many reasons but I wanted people to share it with the group as I think it can be really inspirational to hear real stories about why people want to change their lives. I also wanted to try to keep peoples motivation up with helpful mantras, quotes or songs as sometimes something will just strike a chord with you and give you an extra boost. I wanted to open it up to everyone as what motivates one person won't necessarily motivate another, so what I think is really motivational might mean nothing to someone else.

Unfortunately I didn't have any entries from anyone this week but I'm ever the optimist and will keep it running. What I will give you this week is a little mantra that has proven itself over my journey so far and something I need to keep reminding myself when I think I can't do it  - its never as hard as you think it is! Once you've made that first step, the rest is never easy, but certainly not as hard as you think.

So please have a think and enter for next week, I can't wait to hear from you!!

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