Monday, 17 March 2014

Milestones, big huge milestones!

Tomorrow I hit a big milestone!

(New Years Eve '13/'14 - Feb '14 - March '14)
I turn 30! But really the biggest milestones have already been hit this weekend. The above photo shows all of my journey so far. The first photo on the left was me this New Year's Eve. The day before I took control. The middle picture was February, 2 months later and just over a stone lighter, just before I started running. The final picture on the right was me this Saturday just gone, 11 weeks later, 23lbs lighter (1st 9lbs/11kg). I've also dropped nearly 3 dress sizes. In the last 3 weeks that I have been taking my measurements, I've lost 8.5 inches over my body.

(My weight loss chart)

Which brings me to the biggest milestone I hit this weekend. Before Christmas, I bought a pair of size 20 trousers, one of the biggest catalysts that led to my diet. This weekend I have been buying size 14's. They're a little tight but fit well enough that I knew there was no point buying size 16's - I'll be into the 14's in a couple of weeks. I'm sure you can appreciate how happy that made me. It really made me realise how far I've come. Not only have I slimmed into my pre-pregnancy clothes, I've almost slimmed out of them!

(Sept '13 to March '14)
I've also been spending my birthday money recently. For only the second time in my life I bought a pair of trainers, and for the first time with the intention of running in them! I bought a pair of Lycra running trousers, not just for lazing about in. And I've worn and used them already and its not even my birthday yet! I also have ordered some yoga blocks to help me progress with that which are on their way. And of course there were the lovely size 14 clothes. I even bought a jumpsuit which I'm planning to wear tomorrow.
I will admit that since Saturday my routine has been relaxed a little. I still went for a run on Saturday, the day of my birthday meal and drinks, and eat well during the day to make up for what I knew was not going to be a diet friendly evening, filled with tapas and beer! I had a lovely time and gave myself a day off exercising on Sunday, but still stuck to my calorie allowance. I went for another run today but had a little pre-birthday lunch date with my husband and allowed myself to go about 200kcal over budget. Tomorrow, I'm going out for another meal with family but I will still try to pick the healthier food options and squeeze in some yoga at least.
(My Zumba themed birthday cake!!)

As of Wednesday I'm back on the diet wagon and heading off to my next set of goals. I want to be comfortably in those size 14 clothes within a month. I'm running the Race For Life in May and want to be jogging the 5k in about 30mins by then. I'm going on holiday in June and plan to lose as much weight as possible by then and hopefully be somewhere close to my 10st goal. I'm even looking forward to fitting in my running on holiday by running down the beach near where we're staying. I love the beach and I'm actually looking forward to it - to exercising on holiday!!

Since I began this journey and my blog I am so proud to say that other people do seem to be taking inspiration from me - a concept I still struggle with. That was the reason I started this blog though, to show people that anyone can do it with the right motivation and inner strength. Its not easy and generally requires a massive change of mind set, something I battled for years. I'm a big advocate on focussing more on the psychology behind dieting and tackling those issues alongside tackling the weight issues. I believe that the mind is your most powerful tool in a diet and can be your biggest ally or your biggest enemy. Once you tackle that, the rest should come easily.

Thank you for joining me on my journey so far, please stay with me as its not over yet! And for those of you on your own journey, as always, I again wish you the best of luck. Please keep me updated with how you are getting along too!

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